PR campaigns live or die based on how well they connect and resonate with people. It’s about telling the right story to the right audience at the right time. Such is the hallmark of our work at Hollywood Public Relations. We’re here to have our clients be heard.

At Hollywood Public Relations, we measure up. Big. In fact, clients consider our size to be advantageous. There’s more accessibility. More accountability. More stability. And even though we don’t like to tell our age … more seasoned team members supporting your business.

Try us on for size. You’ll love the results.

Darlene Hollywood, principal

Darlene helps set the strategic direction for how the agency’s client stories are positioned, pitched, placed and measured. Her eclectic background includes work in consumer goods, business services, book publicity, not-for-profit and enterprise software.

More importantly, she’s responsible for leading an incredibly talented team of dynamic individuals. As the mom of 10- and 12-year-old girls, a dog, three cats and a bearded dragon, she’s well suited for
the job.


Jeff Dillow, Vice president

Jeff’s knowledge of brand marketing, CR and issues management has benefited big brands such as Nestlé Waters North America, Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee and Jiffy Lube. This experience, coupled with his calm demeanor, also positions him as the agency’s crisis lead.

As the sole male amongst a staff of women, he’s also our in-house expert of all things automotive, for which he has a great passion.






Attitude is everything and Kim’s approach to everything is met with a great attitude. First on the scene at Hollywood PR nearly four years ago, her previous sales background has translated well into peddling clients’ stories to the media. Her pithiness of prose also makes her the agency’s go-to girl for those one-liners that frame an event name, slogan or subject line of an email pitch.



Having risen from the rank of intern status, Linnea’s millennial perspective provides balance to a team of Gen Xers and Ys. While young, this worldly woman has seen a lot having studied in Morocco and London, and traveling through much of Western Europe. Tri-lingual, she speaks French and Italian, and is on her way to mastering Spanish.

Courtney Curzi, vice president

Throughout her professional career, Courtney has launched hundreds of new products in the home, food and family categories for brands including Hasbro,, LEGO and Jarden Home Brands. At the agency, she serves as the second in command.

Courtney is also a spectacular hostess. As an entertainment expert, she organizes extraordinary client events and shares her posh penchant as a contributor to the Boston edition of


monica higgins, account supervisor

With stints at some of New York and Boston's most renowned agencies, Monica brings big-budget experience to the boutique. Well into her second decade of promoting reputably established brands, her eclectic portfolio includes work with apparel and accessories, toys and juvenile products and consumer electronics. 

In a fast-paced world where competition is everywhere (and no more than in a powerhouse PR agency), the strongest team is one that supports and relies on one another. That's a lesson Monica regards highly and preaches to her daughter, with whom she is obsessed.



Melissa’s background is a complex mix of pedigree and pretense. Armed with a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, she came to Hollywood PR from TMZ where, as an associate producer, she broke national news on celebrity sordidness. With previous experience in a number of journalistic roles, including broadcast, general assignment, sports and magazine reporting, Melissa’s b.s. barometer for what an editor will or will not bite on is tested daily.

Meg Parker, senior account director

Meg came to HPR from the other side of the tracks. Having worked internally on the global PR teams at Puma and Estee Lauder, her sense of client advocacy runs deep.

A social media junkie, (including time spent chronicling the lives of her super cute kids) Meg maps strategies for all client social engagement channels, providing insight on content creation, partner integration, sponsored posts and audience growth.



Brooks “Haystack” Wallace earned her nickname by finding that single needle that would prick a reporter's interest. Thriving on the gratification from seeing a client’s name in print, Brooks supports media relations for all agency clients, with relationships across top-tier business and consumer outlets.

Brooks was named a 2015 PR News Rising Star, and is a member of the PRSA Boston Leadership Team, acting as the chapter’s PRSSA liaison to students. A budding yogi, Brooks finds reprieve from the hectic PR industry in a healthy dose of namaste.



jacqueline dunn, assistant ACCOUNt executive

With a flair for fashion, Jacqueline doesn't just walk the walk, she talks the talk through her well-established personal style blog, As a recognized ambassador for fashion brands, and coming to HPR from a New York City accessories press and sales agency, Jacqueline is an expert in influencer intricacies.

While we’re focused on getting our clients publicity, we occasionally get ourselves some attention, too. Check out some of our recent accolades and media coverage.


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